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🌟 Elevate Your Tattoo Experience with Our Best-Selling Tattoo Cream! 🌟

Unveil the secret to stunning, vibrant tattoos that stand the test of time. Our best-selling Tattoo Cream is the ultimate companion for your ink journey, ensuring not only remarkable healing but also intensifying the brilliance of your body art. Crafted to perfection, this cream is trusted by tattoo enthusiasts worldwide for its exceptional results.

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55% limited edition

🌟 Discover Our 55% Numbing Tattoo Cream for 4 to 6 Hours of Comfort! 🌟

Are you looking for a powerful solution to significantly reduce discomfort during tattooing? Look no further! We proudly present our 55% Numbing Tattoo Cream, specially formulated to provide you with unparalleled comfort for 4 to 6 hours.

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TKTX 40%

🌟 Discover Our 40% Numbing Tattoo Cream for 2 to 4 Hours of Comfort! 🌟

Searching for the perfect balance between numbing and tattoo art? Look no further! We proudly present our 40% Numbing Tattoo Cream, specially designed to offer you unparalleled comfort for 2 to 4 hours during tattooing.With numbing for 2-4 hours

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Gel & Foam

🌟Versatile Gel, Spray & Foam for Your Beauty Needs!🌟

Use for piercing, microblading, Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoos, Body Piercings, Tattoo Removal/Laser, Hair Removal, Lip Fillers.

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Tattoo Aftercare

🌟 Optimal Tattoo Aftercare for Your Beautiful Artwork! 🌟

You've just gotten a beautiful new tattoo, and now it's time to ensure that it not only looks amazing but also heals optimally. Our Tattoo Aftercare products are specially designed to guide you through the healing process and ensure that your tattoo remains radiant and vibrant!

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Other numbing cream

🌟 Discover Our Advanced Numbing Tattoo Cream for a Comfortable Tattooing Experience! 🌟

Are you aiming for a tattoo experience with no discomfort and less pain? We have the solution for you! Introducing our Advanced Numbing Tattoo Cream, specially designed to make your tattooing session more comfortable and less painful.

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why using our cream

Our creams

Our numbing creams are a solution for reducing pain during a number of different skin treatments, such as tattooing, permanent makeup,

cosmetic tattooing, minor surgical procedures, filler treatments, micro needle pain and microneedling.

This cream is also suitable for other skin treatments such as laser treatments and waxing.It significantly reduces pain during these treatments.

Our anesthetic cream is available in different strengths depending on the treatment you are going to undergo. However, allergy sufferers should be careful with the use of the cream.

A heavy layer of cream is ideal as a local anesthetic, many have not even felt pain with a body piercing or cosmetic tattoos.

Tattoo cream is an important part of the aftercare of your tattoo. It helps protect and moisturize the skin, and keeps your tattoo looking beautiful.

It is important to use a good tattoo cream because poor care can lead to infections and faded colors.

At Tattoocreamshop we offer different tattoo creams that are suitable for every skin type.

Order easily online and protect your tattoo!

It is important to use tattoo aftercare cream when your tattoo is still irritated, because the skin is then the most sensitive. Use the cream at least two to four times a day.


Tattooing without pain

Looking for a way to experience tattooing without pain?

Our numbing tattoo cream can make your tattoo session a lot more enjoyable.

Tattoo and beauty salons know that numbing cream plays a big role in minimizing pain during a tattoo session.

By using this cream, the tattoo artists work better and will improve the end result.

Our numbing cream can also be used for piercings, waxing, laser hair removal, microblading, tattoo removal or lip filling.

Order now our numbing tattoo cream for tattoo without pain.

why using aftercare products

After getting a tattoo, it is very important to take good care of your skin.

A good way to do this is by using special tattoo cream. There are many different types and brands of tattoo cream available, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose the right one.

On our website we offer extensive information about the different tattoo creams.

This way you can learn which brands are good, what is in them and how these creams can best take care of your tattoo. Let us help you find the right tattoo cream for you.

color explanation

TKTX Green / Green deep numbs -> large tattoos

TKTX Black /Black fast numbs -> large tattoos

TKTX gold/Gold super fast numbs-> large tattoos

TKTX Bleu /bleu deep numbs -> medium tattoos

TKTX yellow /yellow deep numbs -> medium tattoos

TKTX white /white fast numbs -> microblading

TKTX red /red fast numbs -> microblading

use the 40% for a session 2-4 hours

use the 55% for a session 4-6 hours

use the 75% for a session 6-8 hours

How to use

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